Janice and Robin

Telling Your Story

We believe in the power of storytelling.  As customers, we are drawn to products and services that tell us a great story.  We connect with the characters, we see ourselves in – same dreams, same goals, same vision, same beliefs.

In today’s noisy and very busy world connecting with a customer gets harder and harder. Storytelling is how you can do that and do it effectively.  As humans we are drawn to stories – we’ve been telling and listening to them for over 2000 years.  Science has also proven that emotion sells and that having positive emotions about a brand or company have a huge influence on customer loyalty. In fact, studies have shown that when people make decisions about brands and companies, people use emotions more than facts.

These are a couple examples of incredible storytelling:

Evan from Sandy Hook Promise

Budweiser “Stand By You”

Wheels from Canadian Tire

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014 – OFFICIAL-  #MontyThePenguin

What does all this mean for your business/organization?  Here are five key takeaways that you can use when you start to develop your brand story:

  • Stories have heroes with wants, needs and emotions.
  • You are not the hero of your story – the customer is.
  • Your hero will need a guide.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Be human.

These takeaways will get you started on the path to creating a brand story that will connect and engage your customers. They will be drawn into the story, connect with your business and buy your product.

We use storytelling to create amazing websites and digital communications that engage and inspire your audience.