Pathstone Mental Health Foundation

Pathstone Mental Health Foundation

The Pathstone Foundation faced the challenge of not having a separate website, but they refused to let that deter them. With the guidance of the Brand Storytelling session, they crafted a unique and inspiring brand story that reflects their passion for engaging donors, community members, and volunteers. The foundation has overcome many obstacles in its mission, and their story highlights their unwavering commitment to making positive change in the world.

Despite the unique brand story, Pathstone Foundation understood the critical need for consistency in their branding. Through seamless integration of their donation system (RaisersEdge) into a beautifully designed WordPress-built website, the foundation ensured a smooth and straightforward donation process for their donors.

Pathstone Foundation has not gone unnoticed in their efforts. They recently earned a spot on CHCH news, showcasing their unwavering dedication to their cause. With Pathstone Foundation leading the way, they inspire us all to believe that a brighter future is within our reach.



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