App of the Week: Over – adding text to your photos

This is the first post in our new series about Apps. Each Wednesday, we’ll be looking at apps that we like, love and that have helped our business. First up? Over

There had been more than a few times when I’d thought that adding text to a photo would be a cool thing to do. And it would be even better if I could then share it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or save it and print it.  Well, I found it in one sleek, easy to use package – Over.

I first learned about Over on Chris Brogan’s blog post “Calling All Impact Makers” and was immediately intrigued. After a little searching I also found a great interview that Chris had done with Aaron Marshall  from Over. I was sold. I immediately download it and I was hooked.

The app interface is both cool and easy to use. The navigation is circular and when not in use slides off screen to the right. 25 fonts come with the initial purchase – I should mention that it’s $1.99 – but you can upgrade to access an additional  250 fonts for $0.99. So for $2.98 you the app plus 275 fonts. Pretty awesome value if you ask me.

So what  can you do with the text? It can be coloured, sized, aligned left, right or centred and you can tint – or more accurately adjust the brightness or contrast – to make the text stand out more.

And then there’s the Share button. Once you’ve added your text, chosen just the right font, sized it, add a bit of colour and adjusted the tint, you’re ready to share it with the world. Over connects easily to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Email and Instagram – even adding the #madewithover and their twitter handle @madewithover to your tweets.

I’m sure you can tell by now, I really am a big fan of Over. And you could go crazy and add text to everything but with so many things moderation is key.  Increasingly the social media world is becoming more visual, just ask people who use & love Pinterest & Instagram. Photos and videos get more likes and retweets than text updates. And there is a whole lot of truth in the saying , “a picture is worth a thousand words”.   Over can help you make your photos stand out and give you a chance to show off your fun, thoughtful and witty side.

These are just a few ways I’ve used Over to share thoughts, experiences and events.



RobinApp of the Week: Over – adding text to your photos