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Do You Know What You’re Customers Are Hearing

Have you ever been explaining something to a friend only to have them look at you blankly and say, “I have no idea what you’re talking about?” We think we’re being so clear, so concise and so on message. But what we think we are saying is often not what people are hearing.

This happens all the time with businesses and their customers. Businesses will go to great lengths to create cute and clever marketing campaigns, funny videos that will go viral or use the latest memes to get customers to purchase their products or services. Then when they look at the sales and there is no increase, they wonder what went wrong.

Customers are overwhelmed with advertising. On average a person will see over 3000 ads a day. Cute and clever just doesn’t sell. Customers are looking for businesses who have clear messages that tell them what you do, what your plan is and how that will make their lives better.

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