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Great Storytelling – Notes – a life story, a love story

When you think stationary store, what do you immediately picture in your head?  Pens, paper, journals, cards? How about love, relationships or family?  Probably not.

Take Note is a small pen and stationery store in The Junction in Toronto, that I never would have heard of had it not been for their film, Notes – a life story, a love story.  And now I can’t wait to go. And I’m not the only one. This message was posted on Take Note’s You Tube channel –

So many businesses and organizations tell us that they don’t have an interesting story to tell, their products don’t ‘fit’ into a story or that their story is way too complicated. Notes – a life story, a love story is proof that no matter what your business or what product you sell, when it comes to the impact your product has on a customer’s life or how they feel about the products you sell – there is always a story to tell.

Too often businesses focus on creating customer personas, spending lots of time and effort looking at demographics, behavior patterns, website data, job roles, etc., but fail to learn about what their customer’s problem is, how it make them feel, how their lives will change for the better or what failure look like if they don’t purchase your product or service. You also have to give your customer or potential customer the reason you can be trusted.  It’s not that facts aren’t important. They are. But we human beings don’t buy products or have loyalty to brands because of facts.  The biggest motivating factor when we buy is emotion.  We buy because of how a product makes us feel.  We go to an event because of the experience we have. We stay loyal to a brand because of the emotional connection we have with it – memories of fun times, family members, feeling good and being happy.

You may be saying “that’s great for other businesses but not mine”. Take Note shows that you can take every day products and create a story with emotion and impact, that invites us to be a part of the story by seeing ourselves in the story and most importantly makes us want to take action and purchase the product.

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