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Clarity Beats Cute and Clever Every Time

One of the things we often tell our clients is that ‘clarity beats cute and clever every time’. Brand stories must be easy to understand, identify the hero, show how you’ll solve the problem so they succeed. In St. John’s Newfoundland, the Newfoundland and Labrador Crime Stoppers chapter launched a campaign to start conversations to

Customer language

When you’re writing content for your website or social media, do you think about the words you’re using? Do you try to use big grand words that make you think you sound smart? Do you use technical jargon? Or acronyms that your sales team uses? It’s important to listen to how your customer speak or

What do your customers believe?

We can give our customers lots of facts about our business and products. But when it comes to getting a customer to take action, it’s going to be how they feel and what they believe about your business or product that will drive them.

Facts vs Feelings

We all remember sitting in history class trying to remember names, dates and places and thinking that there was no possible way you could remember them all.  I was lucky. I had two incredible history teachers who instead of making us memorize names, dates and places, brought history to life with stories.  I fell in

Great Storytelling – Notes – a life story, a love story

When you think stationary store, what do you immediately picture in your head?  Pens, paper, journals, cards? How about love, relationships or family?  Probably not. Take Note is a small pen and stationery store in The Junction in Toronto, that I never would have heard of had it not been for their film, Notes - a


Neil Thornton had a website that was several years old and didn't reflect what he offers companies and the results from working with him. There were too many pages with so much detail it was difficult to understand how he worked with businesses and what success they could expect. We used our Brand Storytelling with


In 2015, Mayor Sendzik launched CompassionateSTC at the State of the City, with the goal of making St. Catharines Canada’s most compassionate city. We created the website using Wordpress. In 2017, Mayor Sendzik and his team came to us wanting to clarify the brand story and revamp the website to better reflect the brand story, creating clear calls


Our working relationship with Mayor Sendzik began during his election run in 2014 when we were asked to be his digital media communications team. Our relationship continued when we worked with him and his team to create the first Mayor of St. Catharines website and digital communications strategy. We created the hashtag #ourhomeSTC and based the entire campaign


The Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce hosts multiple events each year. We have worked with the GNCC to provide live social media coverage for The State of the City, The State of the Region, The Niagara Economic Summit, The Niagara Business Achievement Awards, The Women in Business Awards, International Women's Day and Winspiration events. For the last


ACCEL North is Niagara’s first independently owned private-public funded accelerator. Telling the brand story for this new and innovative centre for entrepreneurship seemed like a daunting task for the ACCEL North team. The brand storytelling session helped them see that the brand story was actually quite simple. By working through the hero, the problem, the guide, success

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