Reba & Trixie

Reba Fancy Pants

Reba brings so much joy to our lives with her lovable and playful personality. While she may have a bit of a mischievous side, we can’t help but adore her. She has an infectious energy that keeps us active and entertained as she loves to chase after wildlife and play with anyone who is up for it.

Reba has a special way of making everyone feel welcomed with her affectionate nature. Whether it’s greeting guests with a lick or happily receiving belly rubs, she is always eager to spread love.

We are so grateful to have Reba in our lives and appreciate her unique qualities that bring happiness to our days.


Meet our lovely Wellness Manager, Trixie!

We named her after our favourite character from Call the Midwife, Nurse Beatrix Franklin. She’s quite a fighter and works hard every day to overcome her struggles. We’re so grateful to have her on our team.

We adopted Trixie through Standard Poodles in Need, and since then, she’s been reminding us to take a daily walk break.

We can’t thank her enough for her thoughtful reminders. She’s just the best company anyone can ever ask for!

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