It’s a busy world and most businesses struggle to grab customers’ attention.

Janice and Robin help businesses like yours create a clear, simple brand story that cuts through the noise, connects you with your customers and increases your business. We use our Storytelling Framework to help you clarify your branding and marketing message so it’s easy for customers to understand what you offer and how you will solve their problem. Customers will want to engage with you and your business will grow.

We design and build websites, write content and develop strategies for social media, video and print marketing.

What We Do

A lot of organizations spend too much money on beautifully designed websites and digital communications and get little engagement because there’s no story. People usually buy based on emotion and that’s why we begin by working with your organization to develop the “story” using our proven Brand Storytelling Framework. We create a clear brand message that is used across all digital and print marketing materials. The story is particularly powerful on websites and social media.  You’ll find examples in our Featured Clients section of businesses and organizations who have built new awareness, attracted new customers and are reaching their goals by focusing on their brand’s story.

Brand Storytelling

We take you through our Brand Storytelling Framework to clarify your brand message. Your customer is always the hero of the story who has a problem. You show how your brand solves their problem and what their life looks like when they succeed.

Social Media

An engaging social media marketing and advertising strategy is essential to driving sales. Social media has never been more fluid so your strategy must be flexible and ready to pivot as technology and people’s preferences change.


Websites are based on the results of your brand storeytelling. The site will have a clean and creative design with a compelling story, powerful images and clear calls to action that engage your customers and invite them into your story.

Content Creation

We believe that simplicity trumps cleverness. All your content will be written with clarity so that you will rise above the noise in the digital world. Your customer’s will identify their need, see your solution and imagine their success.

Digital Marketing Success in 3 Easy Steps

1. Find Your Story

We help you discover your brand story by listening and talking to you about the challenges you face in your business marketing, especially in the digital world.

2. Create an Action Plan

Our approach is customer focused. We create a unique plan for each client to ensure that business objectives are met and success is achieved.

3. Implement the Plan & Watch Your Business Grow.

We work together to implement a strong, focused strategy so that your business grows and thrives.

From the Desks of Janice and Robin

We can give our customers lots of facts about our business and products. But when it comes to getting a customer to take action, it's going to be how they feel and what they believe about your business or product that will drive them.

What do your customers believe?

We create a unique process for each client to ensure that business objectives are met and success is achieved.

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